The United States Small Business Owners Association (USSBOA) advocates for the professional growth of gas station and convenience store owner-operators by focusing on three core principles: collaboration, education, and advocacy. Together, we work to promote the entrepreneurial success of our members and economic development of their communities.


  • Negotiate mutually beneficial deals between vendors and members
  • Create unique business opportunities for members through new connections and relationships
  • Bring together owner-operated small businesses on issues that affect their common professional interests
  • Provide members with access to a community of other successful entrepreneurs and opportunities to build meaningful, mutually beneficial partnerships


  • Inform members regarding support programs and business opportunities
  • Educate gas station/convenience store owner-operators on the latest industry trends and developments
  • Increase the number of successful owner-operated small businesses by facilitating access to procurement opportunities


  • Form an alliance between gas station/convenience store owner-operators to foster their collective success
  • Keep members up-to-date on the latest state policies and laws
  • Monitor pending legislation that may affect member businesses
  • Influence legislators to support, modify, or defeat pending bills that may affect USSBOA member businesses